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本文摘要:The Internet has made the world a smaller place, with a far reaching influence thats altered the way we view cats and laugh at kids whacked out on drugs after a trip to the dentist. But apart from giving us easier ways to cackle at dumb things, its also put more information at our fingertips than any invention in the history of mankind.互联网让世界更加小,它的影响深远影响,转变了我们对喵星人的了解,也转变了我们拿小孩子逗乐的方式,比如网上那些关于看完了牙医后被药物搞得筋疲力尽的孩子的视频。

The Internet has made the world a smaller place, with a far reaching influence thats altered the way we view cats and laugh at kids whacked out on drugs after a trip to the dentist. But apart from giving us easier ways to cackle at dumb things, its also put more information at our fingertips than any invention in the history of mankind.互联网让世界更加小,它的影响深远影响,转变了我们对喵星人的了解,也转变了我们拿小孩子逗乐的方式,比如网上那些关于看完了牙医后被药物搞得筋疲力尽的孩子的视频。但是,除了能让我们更加便利地对这些蠢事咯咯发笑以外,互联网还让我们轻而易举地取得了大量信息,这是人类历史上任何其他发明者都无可比拟的。

Its had a profound effect on the lives of people around the world in many different ways, yet everything weve come to take for granted online came from humble beginnings. Who knows, the next big thing may have already happened in a garage or a basement somewhere and were just waiting for it to change the world.互联网在许多有所不同的方面深刻影响着世界各地人们的生活,然而现在我们在网上看见的实在理所当然的东西只不过都名门微寒。谁告诉呢,或许下一个大发明者早已在某个地方的车库或地下室里问世了,我们只需静待它来转变世界。10.First Picture10.第一幅图片The very first picture ever uploaded to the World Wide Web was a picture of the all-girl comedy group Les Horrible Cernettes. The group was made up of administrative assistants and partners of researchers at The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Silvano de Gennaro, the groups manager, took the picture backstage at a music festival that was hosted annually by CERN. He Photoshopped it and saved it as a .gif file.第一幅上传遍万维网的图片是一张女子喜剧乐队CERN女郎的照片。

这个人组由来自欧洲核子研究的组织的行政助理与研究人员构成。CERN每年不会主办一次音乐节,乐队经理席尔瓦诺·詹纳罗在一次音乐节的后台拍到了这张照片,他将图片处置后留存为gif格式的文件。How this particular picture, instead of something artistic or science-based, came to be the first ever picture uploaded to the Web stemmed from the fact that de Gennaro worked at CERN near Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web. When it came time to choose a picture to upload, Berners-Lee used the picture of the band because he wanted to show the heads at CERN that rather than just being a way for scientists to communicate, the Internet could also be fun. He uploaded the picture on July 18, 1992, forever immortalizing a badly photoshopped picture of a comedy band that sang jokes about science.为什么没想到是这张照片,而不是某张艺术或科学主题的照片首度上传遍网络呢?因为詹纳罗是万维网之父蒂姆·博纳斯·李在CERN的同事。

当博纳斯-李要自由选择图片上载时,就用了这张乐队的照片,因为他想要向CERN的领导们证明,互联网某种程度是科学家交流的工具,它也可以很有意思。他于1992年7月18日上载了这张照片,照片中的喜剧乐队演译过与科学有关的无厘头歌曲,而这张只经过坚硬PS的合影则沦为了永恒。9.First Email9.第一封电子邮件Email got its start in the early 1960s, when researchers would leave messages in a mailbox for their colleagues, who could only access the notes on the same terminal. Computer-to-computer email got its start in 1968, when Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN) was hired by the United States Defense Department to work on ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet. A BNN employee named Ray Tomlinson started working on an experimental file transfer protocol called CYPNET and noticed that it could be used in conjunction with SNDMSG, the program designed to leave electronic messages. In doing so, he discovered he could send a message from one computer to another.电子邮件经常出现于20世纪60年代,研究人员不会在邮箱里给同事facebook,但对方不能在同一个终端才能接管到这些信息。

计算机对计算机的邮件最先经常出现在1968年,当时博尔特·贝拉尼克-纽曼公司聘为为美国国防部研究阿帕网,即因特网的前身。一位名为雷·汤姆林森的BNN员工著手试验文件传输协议CYPNET,他找到该程序可以与用来发送到电子信息的程序SNDMSG融合。这样,他就可以从一台电脑向另一台电脑发送信息。Tomlinson realized that in order to do this, he needed to have an identifier that basically equated to a mailing address. Thats when he came up with one of the most innovative, yet simple ideas of the 20th century: he chose the @ symbol to connect the user and network, simply because it made the most sense to him. It would include the users name and the host where it should be sent. In July of 1971 Tomlinson sent the first email to the computer next to his, which read, QWERTYIOP. After figuring out how to send messages from computer to computer, the idea flourished into the staple of everyday life that we know now.汤姆林森意识到,要构建这一目的,必须一个标识符,基本上就等同于寄送地址。

就是在这个时候,他想到了20世纪最不具创新性而又十分非常简单的一个点子:他自由选择 @ 这个符号来相连用户与网络,原因意味着是这个符号对他来说意义非凡。它既能包括收件方的用户名,也表明了发送到的主机名称。1971年7月,汤姆林森向他身边的电脑寄给了第一封电子邮件,内容为QWERTYIOP。

构建了机对机发送信息后,电子邮件渐渐发展沦为我们现在所熟知的日常必需品。8.First YouTube Video8.第一个YouTube视频The worlds third most popular website got its start in early 2005 when it was created by PayPal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. The popular story, which Karim now disputes, is that Hurley and Chen were at a dinner party and were struggling to show videos, and those difficulties planted the seed that grew into YouTube.世界第三大热门网站YouTube创办于2005年初,创始人是PayPal公司的员工查德·赫尔利,陈安之和贾伟德·卡里姆。他们的创业故事最广为人知的版本是这样的,据传赫利尔在一次晚宴上想要与宾客共享一段视频,但磨难千辛万苦都没顺利,沦为了日后YouTube问世的导火索。

但是这个故事被卡里姆所坚称。They first registered the domain on February 14, 2005, and worked on YouTube out of a garage for a few months. On April 23, 2005, at 8:27 p.m. they posted the first video called Me at the zoo. The 19-second video features Karim standing in front of elephants at the San Diego Zoo, talking about his interest in really, really, really long trunks. Since its launch, YouTube has become the dominant video streaming site and is synonymous with online videos. Only Facebook and Google are more popular websites, with YouTube receiving three billion visitors every day.他们在2005年的2月14日首次登记了域名,然后窝在一个车库里为YouTube的发展力战数月。同年4月23日下午8点27分,在YouTube上公布了第一个视频,取名为Meat the zoo。

在这个19秒的视频中,卡里姆车站在圣地亚哥动物园的大象前面,兴致勃勃地谈论着它宽的难以置信的下口。自创办以来,YouTube早已沦为了视频媒体网站和在线视频的代名词。它每天的访问量可以超过三十亿,次于Facebook和Google。7.First Domain Name7.第一个域名Symbolics Inc. registered the first domain name, Symbolics.com, on March 15, 1985. Symbolics Inc. grew out of MITs Artificial Intelligence lab, and was the first company to make workstation computers. They were actually so far ahead of the game that workstation computer wasnt even a term at that point. The company went bankrupt in the late 1980s, but the owner of the domain kept paying the dues on the website until August of 2009, when it was sold to XF.com Investments for an undisclosed price. The website is now a museum of sorts, where you can visit and learn random facts about the Internet.Symbolics Inc.公司在1985年3月15日登记了第一个域名:Symbolics.com。



这个网站现在类似于博物馆,在那可以随便网页并理解有关互联网的一切。6.First Website6.第一个网站While Symbolics was the first domain registered, it wasnt the first website. After all, the internet and the World Wide Web are actually two different things. In the simplest terms, the Internet is what you connect to and the Web is how you view it.虽然Symbolics是第一个登记的域名,但并不是第一个网站。却是因特网和万维网实质上并非一其实。非常简单来说,因特网是你相连到的地方,而网站要求你怎样网页它。

You may remember CERN from the Les Horrible Cernettes photo or maybe the Large Hadron Collider, but they also launched very first website on August 6, 1991. It was a simple page, similar to a Word document with black lettering on a white background with blue hyperlinks. It briefly described project W3, better known now as the World Wide Web. On April 30, 2013 – the 20th anniversary of the announcement of the World Wide Web – CERN announced they would re-launch the website. They found a copy that dated back to 1992, with the hopes of digging even deeper into the archives for the earliest possible version.你也许还因为 Les Horrible Cernettes的照片或者是大型强子对撞机而对欧洲核子研究中心有些印象,但也是他们在1991年8月6日放创立了第一个网站。这只是一个非常简单的网页,和白底黑字、具有蓝色超链接的word文档相近。




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